Ephesus, Turkey

The Ancient Greek city of Ephesus was established In 10 BC. Androclos, the son of the Athens-Kodros king, was searching for a location to establish a site. Whom at the time was running from the Dor invasion in Greece. It was predicted by an Apollon oracle that a fish and a boar would show the location of the new settlement. Legend states that a few days later while frying, a fish fell down from the pan, irritating a hiding boar behind the bushes. The feared boar escaped immediately. Androclos followed the boar and established the city of Ephesus.

In 190 BC, the Romans gained control of Ephesus, where the city flourished. In 1-4 AD Ephesus reached its golden years and was know for its wealth and luxury. The population increased to 225,000. The Cayester river became a great trade port, linking Ephesus to the rest of the world.

The prestige of Ephesus grew with the arrival of Saint Paul, who spread Christianity to the ancient city. Initially the elders did not accept Christianity. However, after Saint Paul’s efforts most of Ephesus accepted Christianity. The Virgin Mary even settled down near Ephesus.

Some of Ephesus historical monuments include:
-Library of Celsus
-Magnesian gate
-Hercules gate
-Curetes street
-Scholastica baths
And so much more!



      1. I’m right there with you. I have only been blogging for four months. Maybe it is just me, but the About page is the first thing I like to look at when I discover a new blog. I love being inspired by other’s stories, knowing where they come from, why they blog and what their dreams and aspirations are. Are you from Turkey? If not, what drew you there?


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